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The Gilbert Rings protect people from being killed by supernatural beings or causes, as long as the rings are worn. The Gilbert Rings are worn by the Gilbert men usually, but there has been one female shown to have worn a Gilbert Ring, (who had the original Gilbert Ring and passed it down to her future descendants) Samantha Gilbert.

However, the rings can be cut off or forcibly taken off and then the person wearing it can be killed. Grayson and John Gilbert inherited the rings from their father. John gave his own ring to Isobel, who then gave it to Template:Alaric. John then took possession of Grayson's ring after the latter's death. There are only two known Gilbert Rings in existence. Both rings are made with black stones. Alaric and John's former ring is now bound to the last White Oak Stake, making it indestructible, leaving only one known ring left. Nadia Petrova also refers to the rings as Invincibility Rings in Original Sin.

Emily Bennett had enchanted these rings in 1864 and gave them to Johnathan Gilbert, who passed it down to his descendants. It is unknown if she knew the ill effects of the ring.


A page in the Grimoire of Emily Bennett, as seen in Isobel, indicates that the Gilbert rings were created by Emily as another of the enchanted tools she gave to Johnathan Gilbert to combat against Mystic Fall's vampires.

The first time is seen to been used is when Damon stabs Alaric with a stake in A Few Good Men, and not soon after he comes back to life. The next time is when Damon snaps John's neck and throws him off the roof of the Founder's Hall in Under Control. Alaric offered to take off his ring and let Isobel do whatever she wanted with him when she came into town, but she decided not to kill him.

Template:Katherine cut off John's ring and stabbed him in Founder's Day. He was taken to the hospital, and when Elena and Template:Stefan visited him, she gave his ring back to him. Stefan had a talk with John and he force fed John some of his blood, and threatened him, saying to leave town or he would kill him so he could turn and hate himself. The blood healed him and before he left town and visited the Gilbert House. Jeremy later catches Damon trying to kiss Elena and since Elena refused to kiss him back, he runs over to Jeremy and snaps his neck. After Damon leaves, it was revealed that John had given his ring to Template:Jeremy and later Jeremy came back to life.

After his return, John took possession of Alaric's ring under the threat of telling Jenna the truth about vampires. When Elena dies in the hands of Klaus, John sacrificed himself to bring her back to life and left her the ring to give to her own child someday but she allows Alaric to have it until then.

After Alaric was killed multiple times, he became insane and developed a split personality. He later worked with Esther to create an indestructible White Oak Stake, by melting one of the rings.

In The Departed, there is now only one known ring. It is in the possession of Jeremy Gilbert.

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Jeremy's ring brought him back to life after he had been killed by Elena when she fell victim to the Hunter's Curse, hallucinating that he was Connor Jordan. This was the last time Jeremy's ring would work on him after activating his Hunter's Mark and powers, making him a supernatural human.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Jeremy's neck was snapped by the immortal, Silas. Immediately after, in Stand By Me, it was revealed that since Jeremy had become a member of The Five, he had technically become supernatural so the ring's effects no longer worked on him despite Elena's hope that it would. Overwhelmed by her brother's death, she decided to burn down their house to create a cover story, throwing the ring to Damon before setting the house ablaze.

In She's Come Undone, it is revealed that Matt was wearing the ring when Damon killed him to provoke emotions into Elena. It is unknown if Damon gave Matt the ring to keep, or if he simply lent it to him. Though it was likely that Damon only gave it to him after he and Stefan arrived to where Elena and Matt were, otherwise Elena would have noticed Matt wearing it.

In Graduation, it is shown that Matt is still wearing the ring, suggesting that Damon may have let him keep it.

In True Lies, Matt is killed by Silas while wearing the Gilbert Ring & awakens on The Other Side where he meets Bonnie and she explains why it takes longer for a person to resurrect each time they die. When a person is killed with the ring on, they reawaken away from their body on The Other Side, and to return to life, they must find their way back to their bodies. Each time they die, they awaken further and further away from their bodies, which is why they take longer to return to life. When they eventually resurrect, they have no recollection of their time on The Other Side.

After the Other Side begins imploding, Matt was then able to remember his encounters with the spirits of Vicki and Kol upon resurrecting. As the ring works by bringing a human to the Other Side while their body heals before their spirit reconnects with it, it is unknown if the ring can continue to work as the Other Side is now destroyed, possibly rendering the ring useless.

Owners/ WearersEdit

The ring was originally charmed by Emily Bennett, though it is unknown if they actually belonged to her, or she just used her magic on them. It is known that Johnathan Gilbert was the first member of the Gilbert Family to possess and use the ring in 1864, and it has been passed down the Gilbert Family since then.

Previous OwnersEdit


  • Johnathan Gilbert (Owned both rings.)
  • Johnathan Gilbert's child or children (Owned both rings.)
  • Samantha Gilbert (Owned at least 1 or both rings.)
  • Samantha Gilbert's descendants (Owned both rings.)
  • Grayson Gilbert (Owned 1 ring, while John possessed other.)
  • John Gilbert (Owned 1 ring while later Grayson, Isobel, and Jeremy possessed other. Regained ownership of ring from Alaric.)
  • Isobel Flemming (Owned 1 ring while Grayson possessed other.)
  • Alaric Saltzman (Owned 1 ring while John and later Jeremy possessed other. Regained ownership of ring from Elena.)
  • Esther - was given ring by Alaric and destroyed it to form indestructible white oak stake, leaving only one ring remaining, belonging to Jeremy.}}


  • Jeremy Gilbert (Owned 1 ring while Alaric, John, and Elena possessed other.)
  • Elena Gilbert (Owned 1 ring while Jeremy possessed other.)
  • Damon Salvatore (had the last remaining ring, given by Elena after Jeremy's death.but he doesn't use because Damon is a vampire)
  • Matt Donovan (Currently owns the last remaining ring, given by Damon.)


The rings can bring back to life humans killed by the supernatural beings (Vampires, Werewolves, Doppelgängers, Hybrids, Ghosts, etc.). Even when the human is killed indirectly, by use of an object (gun, knives, cars, etc..) the wearer can return to life. The ring cannot bring the wearer back to life if their death is 'natural', i.e. caused by another human, natural disaster or disease. The resurrection time varies from minutes to hours. Alaric was killed by Damon but returns to life in minutes, but when he is hit by Tony, Alaric returns to life hours after (and in this particular incident, the wounds sustained were not completely healed).

The magic of resurrection used consistently damages the psyche (totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious) of a human, causing the ring to make a person go crazy (The Darkness), to the point of having no memories of his/her actions during a given time limit. The more the ring was used, the effect increased considerably. In 1912, Samantha Gilbert was the previous owner of Alaric's Gilbert Ring, she became a killer, implied that Samantha died and was resurrected multiple times like Alaric. The ring began to have effects on her brain and she wrote in her Gilbert Journal that she couldn't control herself. Alaric admits to feeling similarly about having gaps in his memories. Meredith said that Alaric might have been killing the Founders members and not remembering it. Elena confirms it after having read Samantha's journal. In a flashback at the end of the episode, 1912, it shows a Founder being murdered by Samantha, who is wearing her Gilbert Ring. However, it is revealed in Break On Through that these side effects can happen even if the person is not wearing the ring.

Originally it was thought that the damage done to the psyche of the resurrected was done by the ring itself as a side-effect. However, it was revealed by Esther that the ring simply leaves one vulnerable to manipulation by the spirits on the other side, as she was the one to manipulate Alaric in order to bring out his hatred of vampires and make it so powerful that it created a split personality.



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