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From your HostEdit

This beautiful wiki was founded by Smartgirl56. It didn't have many users in the start, but eventually, many started editing and the wiki became as large and wonderful as it is today. This wiki brings us closer as a community. The User Awards have been created to reward and acknowledge the many hard-working editors and contributors of the wiki.

This Award Ceremony is not a competition but just an enjoyable way to reward all users of the wiki. Please don't take the ceremony too seriously, we're all here for a little fun. I hope everyone will enjoy the awards ceremony in some form, whether it be nominating, voting, or receiving an award! So remember, have fun!

How to NominateEdit

To nominate a user, simply use the the following format to leave a comment: I nominate Example User for intended category. To support someone else's nomination, simply reply to that initial comment by leaving a support comment.

Once a user is supported five times, the comment thread will be closed and the nominated user will be added to the nominees section of the respective category.

Once a category has five nominees, the nominations for that category will be closed.

Once all of the category nominations are closed, voting will begin.


Users can be rewarded by winning awards in the following categories -
  • Most Promising New User.
  • User of the Year.
  • Most Helpful User.
  • Most Dedicated User.
  • Most Innovative User.
  • Most active in Chat Room.
  • Most Categories Adding User.
  • Most Friendly User.
  • Most Active User.
  • Best Editor.
  • Best Profile.
  • Photo Addicted.
  • Best Commenter.
  • Best Blogger.
  • User who adds most pages.
  • The user who adds the Transcripts the most.

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